Get more money for your used smartphone

Selling your smartphone has just become… handy.

“handy” is the German word for smartphone. myhandycheck is German technology
which gets your smartphone off your hands pronto and at top dollar!

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How it works:
the app helps you to get more money for your used smartphone

1.   Download the app and diagnose your phone - uniquely identify your phone and certify the functional and cosmetic condition it is in.

2.   Get a price suggestion based on the best market value for the same phone in similar conditions.

3.   Share your free test report when selling on public marketplaces.

4.   Publish your ad directly on
From the test results and certificate the app automatically creates an exposé with all necessary details including texts, pictures and technical specifications.

5.   Simply transfer your personal data between Android, iOS and computers.

6.   Prepare your phone for delivery with our checklist - Do a factory reset and hand it over clean without your personal data.

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Selling your used phone?

Give your Smartphone a new life without any hassle. By eliminating resellers you will make more money than anywhere else. Assure the buyer that your pre-loved phone has not been abused and say goodbye to writing long technical listings or having unnecessary negotiations afterwards.

Buying a used phone?

Get proof that the phone is working properly and don't buy any bad suprises. With myhandycheck gain complete transparency on the seller's offer. Even know the battery's health and how long it will last or add extra insurance on top.
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We care

Until today selling your phone was a cumbersome process, involving resellers and lots of logistics. Many phones were dumped in a drawer in case private pictures or messages become useful again. Rather than tossing your old device away you can contribute to the environment!

With myhandycheck:
Reduce waste – give your phone a new life and help the environment
No intermediaries - sell your phone directly without extra shipping
No hidden commissions - get the best price and save valuable resources
No hassle – do it all from your sofa


1How does the app work?
myhandycheck runs a full set of tests on your phone's internal hardware: including sensors, touchscreen, display, cameras, battery, speakers, microphone, etc. For some tests, we need your help, others run completely automatically in the background.
2How long does it take?
It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to check your phone's technical and optical condition. If you want to run the battery health check it can take 5 to 15 minutes extra time depending on your battery.
3Where can I sell my phone?
You can download the myhandycheck test report as certificate and share it on any platform to sell it. With only 1 click and a confirmation you can directly publish a classified ad on
4Is the test report free of charge?
Yes, we do not charge for using myhandycheck and the app is freely available for iOS and Android. Aou will automatically receive a quotation and your test report after you checked your phone.
5Can I trust the guaranteed price?
With myhandycheck we want to avoid the frustration of not being able to keep up with false price promises in a later process. Through the test report we create transparency about the condition of the phone for both seller and buyer - we firmly believe that thereby you can achieve fair and usually higher prices. Selling a used phone peer-to-peer it always depends on the demand as well. Hence, our price recommendation is no guarantee what you will actually get for it in the end.
6Is my data safe when I transfer it to another device?
Data privacy is our top priority. For our wireless data transfer solution we use WiFi direct which allows us to connect to nearby devices without using a network or hotspot. Therefore, we don't safe your personal data on any servers and enable direct peer-to-peer transfers.
7Where is my test report saved?
We are located in Munich, Germany and have our own german data center.

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myhandycheck GmbH
Rosenheimer Str. 139
D-81671 München

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